Industrial Track

Title: Large Scale Security Infrastructure and Platform in Practice

     9:00-10:40, Thursday, June 29, 2017

Speaker: Ye Wu, Baidu Inc.

Abstract: In this talk, we are about to briefly introduce the Giano project, a large scale platform created at Baidu in charge of IDC system and data security. This comprehensive platform is composed of next-generation IAM, IDPS, EDR et al, built upon leading-edge technologies ranging from AI-based security intelligence to advanced modern cryptography and latest software-defined techniques. We present its core infrastructure and security mechanisms, such as, critical credential protection in key management, intrusion detection based on big data analysis, sensitive flow tracing enforced in distributed access control, et al.

Short Bio: Dr. Ye Wu is a principal architect at Baidu Inc, interested in access control security, security intelligence and advanced applied cryptography for real applications. He with his team created Giano system that governs overall data and system security for Baidu IDC with the largest scale in Chinese internet companies. Before joining Baidu, he was with Tencent, responsible for cloud security. Dr. Wu has published more than 20 research papers, presented keynotes and invited talks in major international academic conferences. Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology, USA.

Title: The Systemic Perspective on the Struggling for Network Security

     9:00-10:40, Thursday, June 29, 2017

Speaker: Xinhua Zheng, 360 Enterprise Security Corp.

Abstract: This lecture looks at the network attack and defense issues from a systemic perspective, and try to find a high-level methodology to achieve dynamical network security. Systems thinking, systems science and systems engineering can guide the strategy of network defense, and so far they helped to achieve great success in military, industry and society. The network should be treated as a complex system, experts should coordinate with information system and big data to maintain the network security.

Short Bio: Mr. Zheng is the consultant on security strategy research in 360 Enterprise Security Corporation, and he is a supervisor of Systems Engineering Society of China. Zheng‚Äôs interest focuses on big data security and threat intelligence, and he is trying to develop the strategy and plan the work for the just established National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Coordinative Security Technology with systems theories. Before joining 360 Corporation, Mr. Zheng is a senior engineer of China Aerospace Academy of Systems Science and Engineering, he got the first INCOSE CSEP in China mainland and created China Council on Systems Engineering. Mr. Zheng has published more than 30 papers, books and standards.