Accepted Papers

Sub Num Title
32New Pseudorandom Number Generators From Block Ciphers
45SRAM: A State-Aware Risk Assessment Model for Intrusion Response
50Zero-determinant Strategy for Cooperation Enforcement in Crowdsourcing
51Attribute-Based Encryption with Multi-Keyword Search
54An Expressive Hidden Access Policy CP-ABE
56Mining Users’ Important Locations and Semantics on Cellular Network Data
58Learning Automata based Approach for Influence Maximization Problem on Social Networks
69A sensitive information protection scheme in Named Data Networking using attribute-based ring-signcryption
70A New Access Control System Based on CP-ABE in Named Data Networking
74A Conditional Probability Coputation Method for Vulnerability Exploitation Based on CVSS
75A Personalized Next-song Recommendation System using Community Detection and Markov Model
76Ensemble of Time-Invariant Convolutional LDPC Codes with Moderate Rates
83Saving energy on processor micro-architecture level for big data stream mobile computing
92ITM-LB: An Improved Traffic Matrix-Based Load Balancing Routing Algorithm
97A Multi-Modal Hashing Learning Framework for Automatic Image Annotation
101A Method Of Emotional Analysis Of Movie Based On Convolution Neural Network And Bi-directional LSTM RNN
108Research On Classification Method Of High-Dimensional Class-Imbalanced Data Sets Base On SVM
110SDS2: Secure Data-Sharing Scheme for Crowd Owners in Public Cloud Service
116Outsourced Privacy-Preserving C4.5 Algorithm on Arbitrarily Partitioned Databases
117On Study of Physical-Layer Attack Detection for Large Volumes of Data
122A Secure NFC-based User Authentication Scheme In The IOT Era
125A Framework to Construct Knowledge Base for Cyber Security
127FgDetector: A Novel Method For Fine-grained Android Malware Detection
130Spatio - temporal Distribution pattern of cable car passenger flow in Pan-holidays: A case study of Huangshan Scenic Area
131IBF: Interval-Based Fingerprinting for Secret Access Control and Flow Monitoring
134Mining Similarity-Aware Distinguishing Sequential Patterns from Biomedical Sequences
137A Remote Data Integrity Checking Scheme for Big Data Storage
140DPLK-means: A novel Differential Privacy K-means Mechanism
150Analysis of Android malware family characteristic based on isomorphism of sensitive API call graph
153An approximate approach to frequent itemset mining
161A survey on data cleaning methods in cyberspace
177Research on Online Learning of Radar Emitter Recognition Based on Hull Vector
180Efficient ,Verifiable and Privacy Preserving Decentralized Attribute-Based Encryption for Mobile Cloud Computing
184Proof of Shared Ownership for Secure Deduplication in Cyberspace
187A New Approach for Imbalanced Data Classification Based on Minimize Loss Learning
189Building Endgame Dataset to Improve Opponent Modeling Approach
195A Network Coordinate System Constructing Algorithm Based on Optimal Neighbor Nodes
204Cloud-based Lightweight RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol
205Multi-authority attribute-based encryption access control scheme with hidden policy and constant length ciphertext for cloud storage
207Semi-supervised collective matrix factorization for topic detection and document clustering
208A Novel Contributory Cross-domain Group Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Adaptive Security
209Cyberspace-Oriented Access Control: Model and Policies
214Extracting Sift Keypoints In DCT Domain
217EMMBTT: A Novel Event Evolution Model Based on TF×IEF and TDC in Tracking News Streams
223ISLUS: An Immediate and Safe Live Update System for C Program
236A Fully Secure Verifiable and Outsourced Decryption Ranked Searchable Encryption Scheme Supporting Synonym Query
237A Multilevel Secure Access Control Policy for Distributed Systems
242Predicting the Popularity of News Based on Competitive Matrix
244A Reputation-Based Resilient and Recoverable P2P Botnet
249Adaptive Text Steganography by Exploring Statistical and Linguistical Distortion